DALMOOC – My first steps

The official start of this MOOC on „Data, Analytics and Learning“ (DALMOOC) is on Monday 20th, but a lot of activity has already taken place, e.g. two Google hangouts – at not such perfect times for Middle Europe… Therefore I watched the archive of the Course Design Explanation session (October 17th) on YouTube http://youtu.be/b2gSd6oxEBM which was quite intereresting.

Why I joined this course

I already looked at the course in edx.org (whose user interface I already know very well) and was surprised that the first thing I saw in the Courseware section was a special DALMOOC Course agreement about participation in a study – I am still not sure what’s the difference if I say yes or just ignore it  (which I did for now). Afterwards I watched the „How DALMOOC works“ video which emphasized on „It’s about connections & creation not content“ and that it might be a little disorienting at the start for someone who has taken MOOCs that were more structured. For DALMOOC in edx.org, 4 points were mentioned to help orientation: the visual syllabus, a daily email, hangouts/recordings and edX forums.

Course Tools
In the course, many tools beyond edX will be used – for my orientation I add these URLs in the blog post:

I am looking forward to the official start of DALMOOC on Monday. I don’t know yet how much time I will spend, because the course is parallel to the busiest time of year with the beginning of the winter semester at our University. Besides the edx.org course portal https://www.edx.org/course/utarlingtonx/utarlingtonx-link5-10x-data-analytics-2186 I will have a look on what happens on Twitter (#dalmooc  https://twitter.com/dalmooc ) and maybe Google+ https://plus.google.com/106806974410074176435/posts