Justice MOOC – Midterm

It has been some time since I enrolled in the Justice MOOC and it is still going well for me. I have learned a lot about utilitarianism and libertarianism – in a way which is relevant for today’s life. Two evenings a week (that’s about 3hours/week) I spend with the topics of moral and political philosophy offered in the course. It is something I actually look forward to and has become a certain routine: Watching the two lectures, writing down the main ideas for me, taking the polls and the self-tests, reading parts of the discussion. I already did 3 of the 5 graded quizzes – I am curious, if I stand a chance in the final exam (coming up June 24). The lectures are quite fascinating: in terms one can understand, with many examples from literature and legal cases, issues of our time and often in discussion with the students. There are many different ways to record lectures, and this one where you get to see the audience a lot, not only transfers the atmosphere but is an important part of the content.
As I am very satisfied with the course, in the mid-course survey I could „strongly agree“ (in a positive meaning) with questions regarding workload, learning activities, support, segmentation and the degree of difficulty of the course.
What happens next? Lecture 15 „John Rawls: The case for equality“ is coming up on Tuesday