Moodle MOOC: Final Session

I am glad there is a recording from the final session (it would have been live at 03:00 AM local time) – I just watched it and again learned some interesting things. From sharing to collaboration, socially responsible learning as „sharing and saving“, data about the education triangle „quality, access, cost“ regarding Wikipedia and above all John Graves‘ ideas behind SlideSpeech. I really have to look at SlideSpeech and try it (when I find the time): automatically converting presentations into talking presentations by using the speaker notes of the slides. That they also can be edited and improved afterwards or changed by others is a very interesting concept.

My conclusion: The „Moodle MOOC on WizIQ“ was a great experience, I have learned a lot about Moodle, WizIQ and online learning in a cMOOC. There was so much sharing of ideas, discussions and interesting material and YouTube videos produced by the course participants. The course was also very time consuming – I would have liked to take part in discussions and commenting even more but between the live sessions and tasks that wasn’t possible for me. A little bit of confusion was part of the experience and I think quite normal in a cMOOC. Doing a course in a foreign language was an additional challenge.

Thanks to all of you and especially to Nellie for doing a fantastic job in this MOOC and creating and maintaining such a great atmosphere!